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Obesity in the World

Obesity is known globally as an important human health problem. In both developed countries and developing countries, obesity is increasing day by day. In studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), an increase of 10-30% in obesity has been reported in 10 years. According to 2008 data, while 400 million obese and 1.4 billion […]

Before Obesity Surgery

The most important step to combat obesity is to decide to have this surgery. Obesity requires many important changes in your life before and after surgery, especially in nutrition and diet. A ”special diet öncesi before obesity surgery will reduce the risks of surgery and will help you to improve the postoperative recovery period. During […]

How to Measure Obesity?

According to scientific measures, obesity has its limits. The two most commonly used measurements for shimmering are; Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) measurement. Body Mass Index (BMI) is commonly used to determine obesity based on the World Health Organization’s classification of obesity. BMI is a value obtained by dividing an individual’s body […]

Health Problems Caused by Obesity

Obesity, a chronic disease that reduces the quality of life of people, has become the most important global public health problem today. Obesity; It causes many health problems due to negative effects on body systems (endocrine system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, skin, genitourinary system, musculoskeletal system) and psychosocial status. The most common causes […]

Who is Suitable For Obesity Surgery

The treatment of obesity is primarily diet and exercise. Personalized diet programs and exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight. Unfortunately, weight loss is very difficult, especially for obese patients, and it is not easy to maintain weight. Studies show that only 4 out of 100 obesity patients have lost weight within 1 year […]

What Are The Most Important Causes of Obesity?

Although the factors that cause obesity cannot be fully explained, excessive and malnutrition and lack of physical activity are accepted as the most important causes of obesity. The development of obesity may be due to many biological, psychological or even social causes. In addition to these factors, genetic, environmental, neurological, physiological, biochemical, socio-cultural and psychological […]

Are There Risks of Obesity Surgery?

As in any operation, there are risks related to anesthesia and surgery in obesity surgery. However, this rate poses a risk of less than 1 in 4 compared to a heart surgery In general, the overall mortality rate in obesity surgery is less than 1%.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is one of the most common diseases in modern societies today. ”Obesity is derived from the Latin word ed obedere”. Obedere Latin means people who eat a lot. Obesity; nutrient energy (calories) than the energy spent and the excess energy stored in the body as a fat (20% or more) resulting from the body’s […]